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BBC explores issues raised in Denver Center’s “Just Like Us”


By John Moore

"Boston Calling," a BBC radio program that puts a global perspective  on the American experience, is currently exploring the issues raised in the Denver Center Theatre Company’s recent world-premiere play, "Just Like Us." 

Listen by clicking here.

The episode, titled “Between Immigrant and Citizen” and reported by Jason Margolis, talks about “how the play is trying to humanize the national debate over immigration reform.”

Interview subjects include author Helen Thorpe, playwright Karen Zacarías, actor Yunuen Pardo and the real-life Yadira, whose mother is deported in the play. The reporter directly asks the woman why her family should get a pass to stay in the U.S. when they came here illegally.  The report points out that President Obama has recently implemented a program that blocks deportation of young immigrants in good standing like Yadira.

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