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FEMA deploys Ashton on eve of his starring role in ‘Seminar’


John Ashton at the 2013 Colorado Theatre Guild Henry Awards. Photo by Brian Landis Folkins.

By John Moore

Most area actors have day jobs. John Ashton’s happens to be as communications officer with FEMA, the federal disaster response team. His first assignment was Hurricane Katrina back in 2006. Since then, he has been sent to fires, floods and tornadoes across the country to help organize the dissemination of critical public information both to victims and the media.

From the moment heavy rain started on Sept. 9, triggering catastrophic flooding from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, Ashton knew he would be deployed somewhere in his home state. And while FEMA has had response teams in place “since before the first raindrop fell,” he said, Ashton’s call to action came this morning.

This morning also happens to be three days before Ashton is set to open in one of the biggest roles of his acting career. He’s starring in the Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company’s “Seminar,” opening Friday at the Dairy Center for the Arts in flood-ravaged Boulder.