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Chris Maclean on winning inaugural Bobby G Award

Chris Maclean, recent grad of Chaparral High School in Parker, talks with John Moore about how winning the Denver Center’s inaugural Bobby G Award for best actor has changed his life. The 2014 Bobby G Awards will be held on May 29. Chris’ message: “If any school is even considering participating in the Bobby G Awards, I say, ‘Go for it.’ “

For more info on the Bobby G Awards, click here.

Once more, with feeling

Les Miserables logoThe musical of Les Misérables, based on Victor Hugo’s epic saga, retains all of its sheen in 33 years of undimmed popularity—and counting.

by Sylvie Drake


With the release of the film made of the musical based on Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables, and considering that musical’s 33-year record run on stage, one has to ask: Why? Why does this show never seem to lose its luster? Is it the pathos? The action drama? The deep well of sentiment (as opposed to sentimentality) on which it draws? The pervasive heroics and genuine heroism of the piece?

Top Myths about Monty Python’s Spamalot

A few tips for Monty Python novices and wannabes. 

Adam Grabau and Arthur Rowan (Photo by Scott Suchman 2011)“I never liked Monty Python so I probably won’t like Spamalot.”

Remember the first time you tried liver? Or asparagus? OK, bad examples. But just like you didn’t have to be Jewish to eat Arnold’s Jewish Rye, you don’t have to be a stuffy, upper-class twit or even a drunken rugby fan to enjoy Spamalot. 

“Taste is the enemy of art altogether. I’ve thought about this a lot. People with good taste are constantly worrying about what other people will think. Don’t put that couch over there! It’s the wrong thing to be thinking about because it squashes expression. Of life and vitality of all kinds, and sex – all the funny things!”  —Spamalot director, Mike Nichols, New York Magazine