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Top Myths about Monty Python’s Spamalot

A few tips for Monty Python novices and wannabes. 

Adam Grabau and Arthur Rowan (Photo by Scott Suchman 2011)“I never liked Monty Python so I probably won’t like Spamalot.”

Remember the first time you tried liver? Or asparagus? OK, bad examples. But just like you didn’t have to be Jewish to eat Arnold’s Jewish Rye, you don’t have to be a stuffy, upper-class twit or even a drunken rugby fan to enjoy Spamalot. 

“Taste is the enemy of art altogether. I’ve thought about this a lot. People with good taste are constantly worrying about what other people will think. Don’t put that couch over there! It’s the wrong thing to be thinking about because it squashes expression. Of life and vitality of all kinds, and sex – all the funny things!”  —Spamalot director, Mike Nichols, New York Magazine

The history of La Cage aux Folles

La Cage logo

1973       The original French play La Cage aux Folles written by Jean Poiret premieres at the Theatre du Palais-Royal on February 1. The play starred the playwright Jean Poiret and Michel Serrault. The play ran for almost 1,800 performances. The play was seen by more than one million theatre goers. 

1979       French film adaptation of play was directed by Edouard Molinaro. It starred Ugo Tognazzi and Michel Serrault. The film (subtitled “Birds of a Feather” on the US poster) was for many years the most successful foreign film to be released in the US. Unlike many other non-English –language films, the English dubbing was done generally by the original cast. 

1980       The French film “La Cage aux Folles II” premiered, also directed by Edouard Molinaro. 

1983       The musical La Cage aux Folles opened on August 21 at the Palace Theater on Broadway to great acclaim and popularity. The musical starred Gene Barry and George Hearn. 

1985       The French film “La Cage aux Folles III” premiered, directed by Georges Lautner. 

1985       The musical La Cage aux Folles opens in Australia and starred Keith Michel and Jon Ewing. 

1986       The musical La Cage aux Folles opened in London’s West End starring George Hearn and Denis Quilley. 

1996       The American film remake titled The Birdcage directed by Mike Nichols was released, relocated to South Beach, Miami, and starred Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. 

2004       The musical La Cage aux Folles opened again on Broadway on December 9 at the Marriott Marquis Theatre starring Gary Beach and Daniel Davis. 

2008       The musical La Cage aux Folles opened again in London but this time at the Menier Chocolate Factory to great acclaim, starring Douglas Hodge and Philip Quast. 

2010       Another revival of La Cage aux Folles opened on April 18 on Broadway at the Longacre Theater, starring Kelsey Grammer and Douglas Hodge. 

2010       A Dutch production opened in November and is still running. 

2011       Tony Award-winning revival of La Cage aux Folles begins touring the United States. 


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