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Facts & Figures on Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys returns to Denver’s Buell Theatre July 17-August 11, 2012. Find out about the show before you go!

The company

  • 52 people are in the traveling company of Jersey Boys
  • Of the 19 actors, many play multiple roles:
  1. Hank Majewski plays 8 other parts
  2. Norman Waxman plays 10 others parts
  3. Joe Pesci and Mary Delgado each play 11 other parts
  4. Detective Two (“Knuckles”) and Lorraine each play 15 other parts
  5. Barry Belson plays 16 other parts
  6. Francine plays 17 other parts

Casting the show

  • 7 weeks to cast the show throughout 11 cities. The process includes pre-screens with casting team, callbacks for the creative team (casting team, the music director, the production supervisor and the dance department) and final callbacks with Des McAnuff. During the finals, the room often includes Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio and the producers.
  • Actors are asked not to sing songs from the show, but many elect to sing other songs by The Four Seasons.

The music

  • The Four Seasons sold 175 million records worldwide — all before they were 30.
  • 33 songs are in the show, including five #1 hits and 11 songs that made Billboard’s top ten.
  • The songs in the show represent work by 34 songwriters, including Otis Blackwell, Dorothy Fields, Louis Prima and Judy Parker. Most of the hits were written by original member of The Four Seasons Bob Gaudio and their producer/lyricist, Bob Crewe.

The lights

  • 609 Lighting Cues
  • 401 Conventional Lighting Units
  • 77 Moving Lights

 The costumes

  • 196 total costumes/looks in the show, including some vintage suits, ties and dresses.
  • Tommy has 12 costume changes, Nick has 11, Frankie has 15 and Bob has 10.
  • Frankie runs through 1 pair of pants each week, with repairs every other day. (He slides on his knees in the number “Beggin’”)
  • 9 seconds - Fastest quick change in the show, for Mary Delgado to get out of the car and into her robe for “My Eyes Adored You”
  • 12 quick changes for Frankie Valli. His shortest quick change is 15 seconds.
  • 5 hours – time spent per week hand-beading repairs to the “Snowflake” dresses.  Originally beaded by machine.
  • 87 shoes used in one performance
  • 2.4 miles - Distance a dresser will walk/run during a day, including day work, pre-show call, working the show and post-show work.

The Sound

  • 65 microphones used in the show, both wireless and hard-wired.
  • The full sound system includes 120 speakers
  • 75,000 watts of amplification are used to power the sound system
  • 15 people spent 12 weeks to hand build the sound console 

Jersey Boys plays Denver’s Buell Theatre July 17-August 11, 2012. Tickets: 303.893.4100 or