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Colorado Rockies’ Dexter Fowler: ‘God could not have picked a better person than Jackie Robinson’

By John Moore

To look at young Dexter Fowler’s charmed life, you’d think the Colorado Rockies center fielder has very little in common with his pioneering predecessor, Jackie Robinson. They are both African-American major-league baseball players from Georgia. But the similarities would seem to end there.

And if Robinson were alive today, he might say that is a very good thing.

Robinson was the son of a sharecropper who abandoned his family. Fowler’s father was an executive for Kimberly-Clark who tried to instill in his son the lessons of Robinson’s life. But to a young Fowler, born 39 years after Robinson became the first African-American to play in the modern-day big leagues, 1947 might have been as far back in time as Ancient Greece.